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Asset Management Services

EAM/CMMS Master Data Implementation & Setup

Having a suitable EAM/CMMS systems solution is critical in ensuring that your asset data remains accurate and reliable. We provide a solution that best aligns with the goals and aims of your organisation including integration with existing systems and processes. Our consultants will collaborate with stakeholders to identify and review any existing master data, working practices and systems integration to identify improvements and enhancements to ensure all elements of your EAM/CMMS are appropriately controlled and maintained. Requirements associated with supporting an effective EAM/CMMS include ensuring accuracy of physical and logical asset management data, alongside connections to associated work orders, service management processes, preventative maintenance records and inventory management.

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In any asset management journey knowing key information about the assets your organisation holds. Without control in place it can be difficult for asset operators to identify and assess an assets value, condition, or criticality in the wider infrastructure. This is where our team of engineers and consultants can help. Through a process of physical inspections, interviews with stakeholders, and analysis of your documentation our team can produce a thorough inventory of all your organisations physical assets, including their location, condition, and value and where needed, collated ready to be added to your organisations EAM/CMMS solution.

Maintenance Data / Master Data

Effective maintenance build data management is critical for ensuring that the system remains functional and meets the needs of the users. By front end loading accurate maintenance data, organizations can improve the reliability and performance of their assets, reduce downtime and costs associated with maintenance.

Our consultants work closely with your reliability teams and your maintenance practitioners to develop maintenance plans appropriate to the client’s asset base.

We ensure that all maintenance requirements are gathered from OEM data and that any compliance requirements are captured within the EAM/CMMS to keep you compliant with sector legislation, all tasks created are approved by the client’s asset team and uploaded to EAM/CMMS.

Relational database tables with server room and datacenter background. Concept of database diagram design.
Factory warehouse spare parts. Storage and distribution of components.

BOM / Spares assignment

Effective BOM spares data management can help organizations to ensure that they have the correct spare parts available when needed, and to minimize the risk of production disruptions and equipment downtime.

Accurate spares data entry is key to ensure that the part numbers, descriptions, and other data are entered accurately into the BOM system. GVG support our clients by ensuring that the data is accurate and up-to-date. Where possible spares data should be standardized across the organization to ensure consistency and clarity. This includes using standardized part numbers, descriptions, and other data.

System integration partnerships

GVG work with EAM/CMMS & Other system providers/integrators, GVG manage, organises, and prepare the clients master data ready for upload into the system.  

We collaborate with our partners to integrate their systems and technologies into the client’s organisation. These partnerships are formed to enable organizations to gain the maximum benefit of the system ensuring that good data in means good data out.

By integrating their systems and technologies, organizations can provide their customers with more comprehensive solutions that offer enhanced functionality and capabilities.

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