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Data Management Services

Data Migration

For Migration Projects, GVG’s Functional and Data Consultants work on behalf of our clients as an interface with Software providers / Systems integrators to analyse and transform data as it’s extracted from one system and loaded to another.

GVG provide independent analysis of data quality and purpose to ensure the expectations of any migration are clearly defined at the outset. We work to structure the data to ensure it will fit the requirements and correct reporting will be available for the end users.

For Migrations where issues have been identified, GVG also provide services to correct and re-align data, or develop new business processes as required.

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP concept. Businesswoman working at laptop computer with icons on digital virtual screen.Document management system
Relational database tables with server room and datacenter background. Concept of database diagram design.

ERP Data Cleansing & Improvement

Having a correctly configured and populated ERP solution is critical in delivering for your organisation. Inaccurate or incomplete data leads to unreliable reporting and a lack of confidence in the system. Working with your stakeholders to understand your organisations requirements, our functional and Data consultants can perform a data cleanse to ensure that the data is accurate, complete, and consistent.

GVG can also work with you to develop more appropriate data structures and baseline / reset your existing system. This can be a full reset where the original structures are no longer compatible, or a re-baseline where changes have been made and the data needs to be updated.

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